Aalto on Tracks

While Aalto on Tracks had its glory moments around a month ago, The Unity Express project is now continuing the story! The group behind the project are working towards a more unified Europe, bringing the EU countries and people together. They believe in people taking the real initiative and making the change.

Unity Express project is renting a private train for over 400 people, for 4 weeks to go through over 23 European countries in summer 2011!!

So think about that! The route of the train is respectable extensive. The train starts from Netherlands, and goes all the way through middle Europe to Turkey, and comes up north to Sweden and Norway. And it’s a single private train through the whole journey. It’s sad that it’s impossible to make a stop in Finland, as we have different track width and train connection only to Russia.

But anyway, you can join in, it’s still one year before the departure. They are very willing to get people involved to collaborate in the project. You can also attend Unity Gathering events, which will be arranged around the Europe. First Unity Gathering is in Amersfoort, Netherlands, on 6th August. I’ll be traveling there as well!

Have a look at the web page and Facebook page of Unity Express.

Let’s wish good luck for the great project!

- Mikko

One Response to “Destination Europe!”

  • Coen Says:

    Don’t forget that there will be one in Berlin as well on the 9th of August, just 3 days after Amersfoort! This may be a bit closer to you guys from Finland than NL :)

    Great post, love it! Hope to see a lot of participants from Aalto in this project as well, we need you with all the experience!

    Greetings from the Team :)