Aalto on Tracks

Have a good trip!

China is a country that the others watch the most closely. Be it competition for the second place in the world economy, growth of the defence budget, or the tallest basketball player in the NBA, China’s size hits the headlines daily.

China is also subject to plenty of expectations. Its economic weight has contributed to its significance as a player in international politics. The “hot potatoes” under discussion include sanctions against Iran and the common climate policy.

This spring, the Shanghai World EXPO 2010 gathers thousands of visitors from around the globe to the megacity on the east coast of the country. The event provides China a window of opportunity to present itself as a strong, developing and diverse country.

I have promised to be the patron of the Aalto on Tracks project. An excellent project, more of these, please! The train will take young “future hopefuls” to visit a country which is full of opportunities also for the Finns.

Expertise in China will be a much sought-after asset in the future.

Have a good trip,

Alexander Stubb
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland