Aalto on Tracks


Our TEDxAaltoUniversityOnTracks was a huge success. Almost one hundred inspired people gathered into a conference car of the Trans-Siberian express to share and listen to ideas worth spreading. Five of us had a very unique opportunity to share our ideas:

  • Markus Heimonen: Travelling without moving – perceiving nature
  • Jukka Liukkonen: Editing, resampling, redoing future human body
  • Senja Svahn: Innovation networks – How to actively facilitate innovations
  • Heikki Hirvonen: Organizational Philosophy – Key factor to maintain success
  • Markus Grönholm: Terahertz Imagin – Mankind’s new eyeballs

Speeches will be available in YouTube as soon as possible probably after we are back in Finland. We also watched three TED Videos:

  • TED Video: Thomas Dolby: “Love Is a Loaded Pistol”
  • TED Video: Rod Savage: Why I am rowing across the Pacific
  • TED Video: Tom Vujec: Build a tower, build a team

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