Aalto on Tracks

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. Most of the practical arrangement information is sent only to the selected participants.

How can I get on the train?

Go to our application page and create an application that will convince us to take you with us. Anyone can apply – we are looking for people who we believe can contribute to the project and who have great ideas!

How can I help the organizing team?

The easiest way to¬† help the team is by posting ideas at our UserVoice page. Also, remember to vote and comment on other people’s ideas! You can also contact us by email at team (at) aaltoontracks.com.

Is this for Aalto students only?

As one of the main goals of the trip is to unite Aalto people and create Aalto spirit, most of the participants will be Aalto students. However, there are places for people outside of Aalto, and special places reserved for participants like professional speakers / facilitators / partner representatives. Please contact us with this matter, as well :)

What kind of program there is on the train?

There is lot of stuff happening during our journey from Moscow to Erlian. That is the part where we have our own private train with good premises like conference car. Here is list of more official program:

eReader, Social media for Banking: Samlink, Enhancement of employer image: Outotec, Project management cases, City of Espoo, Design Emotions, Exploring Customer Experience, Smile & Shine business development.

In addition to these, we have music, culture, reading, sport and other groups arranging program as well. The point is that everybody can arrange and participate. And of course there will be place for improvising…

What kind of program there is in Shangai?

We have confirmed following excursions: Nokia Siemens Network, Dumpling Restaurant Bike Tour, Expo Organizers Event (Project Management), KONE, McKinsey and Finland Day gala at Expocenter. And we are of course attending Aalto-Tongji Design Factory Opening! Lot of more to come, have a look at our calendar.

How are we getting back?

By plane. You can take a train back to Finland if you like, of course, but we won’t arrange it ;-)

What’s the price of the trip?

Price is 1000 euros per participant, which includes the train trip from Helsinki to Shanghai, visas for three countries and accommodation in Shanghai for one week. We stay also one night in Beijing, which is included in the price. You have to book plane tickets back to Finland yourself.