Aalto on Tracks

Hello from Finland!

Most of the Aalto on Tracks participants are now back in Finland again. We had an amazing train trip with full of activities and an unforgettable stay in Shanghai. There were company visits, the world expo, ATDF and many many memorable activities with Tongji University students!

You can read from our trip from many different articles in media:

Timo gave President of Finland an article about Aalto on Tracks, which was published in Shanghai Morning Post.

There were also articles in many Aalto related websites and participants’ blogs like Aalto !n Shanghai, Polialumni, Aalto Media Factory, Markus Kauppinen’s blog and Säätisle. Our press releases was published in many, places, on the web, too.

The community and atmosphere created during the trip was amazing. We made a lot of new friends, both from Finland and Shanghai, and we’re sure that Aalto on Tracks participants are going to gather together to see each other many times again!

For now on, you can wait for the magazine publication and video document about the trip.

Thanks for every participant, partner and everyone helping to make Aalto on Tracks possible!

- Mikko