Aalto on Tracks

It’s almost a year since we departed from Helsinki Railway station heading to mysterious Siberia. Lot of excitement and smily faces. Nobody really knew what was head of us… and the whole trip turned out to be superb life changing experience :) And it maybe kicked-off a series of other cool stuff… here is a collection what has happened afterwards.

First of all, a big hand to our Chief Editor Atso Takala who put together a great magazine of Aalto on Tracks. Lot of stories and experiences written by the participants. Thousand of pieces of the magazine were spread around the campuses and student houses. Now you can also read it online:

After AoT we had a lot of gatherings and “cases” where we met each other… bunch of tracks people put their heads together and Aalto on Waves was born! Aalto on Waves is making world more sustainable by real-world challenges solved in Caribbean cruiser travelling all the way from Portugal to Brazil. Have a look at Aalto on Waves web pages!

But, what’s more, the idea of travelling with train stuck in the mind of Tongji University community as well. They are now coming to Finland for a return visit – with a train or course! Around 100 of Tongji University students will arrive to Finland on 10th of May and stay here until 19th of May. There is lot of activities arranged for them, and possibility for you to attend the activities as well. Have a look for more information here.

And there is still more trains to come… Unity Express, the project I posted previously, postponed their project to the summer 2012. The organizers are working all the time around the middle Europe, and the core organizers are coming to have meetings and workshops in Finland during 10th to 19th June this summer! They’ll be staying in Otaniemi and having workshops in Design Factory and Aalto Venture Garage. Hop in to see what are they working on!

PS. “Aalto on Something” seems to be pretty well absorbed naming convention… have a look at great concept, Aalto on Waffles :)

- Mikko

2 Responses to “A year after Aalto on Tracks”

  • Simo "Konnari" Suoheimo Says:

    After such an awe-inspiring exploration it’s thrilling to discover that the greatest adventures are still ahead, waiting to bo created!

    If AoT resonates with your thoughts, I urge you to dive in, make some waves and watch them multiply!


  • Aalto on Waffles Says:

    Nice to read the reflections post AoT. The name and the brand was a definite inspiration for us while starting Aalto on Waffles. Thanks for the nice mention!

    - Pavan