Aalto on Tracks

So far this trip has been the most awesome one ever, and it keeps getting better and better, as we are continuously improving, decorating and tweaking the traing. One thing we are missing is proper internet connection and all the social services online. To compensate that, we have started to build the essential parts of the Internet inside the train, such as The Facewall.

At the eastern part of the train, there’s one car with a wall covered with profile pictures of everyone. The idea is, that people can use post-it’s to update their statuses, comment on others and so on. It’s a great way to share feelings and express oneself: coming up with new features and ways to use it is strongly encouraged.

One emerging phenomenon has been fan- and group pages, which are sheets of paper attached on the wall, where users can then join with good old post-it’s. For example our wonderful train personnel already has almost ten fans and there’s a group for those who hate the fact that they’re not allowed to use toilets during the stops.

The usage is already quite active and I’m eagerly waiting to see, what it’s going to be like after two more days. We might have to expand the capacity by opening a second wall on another car, if the growth keeps at the same pace.

Now we’re just waiting for an acquisition offer from the Facebook-people. :)

Apparently you can do quite a lot with just pieces of paper, post-it’s and a group of crazy people.


One Response to “You can do quite a lot with just pieces of paper”

  • Heli Says:

    Hehee, this is funny. :) Must benchmark this in case some time has to spend days without internet connection. :)