Aalto on Tracks

Strastuits! We’ve arrived to Moscow 8:25 local time!

The trip was quite an experience already. Tight 4-person cabins in the Tolstoy train made it feel like we were in Russia all the time even though half the route was in Finland. We are having around 4 hour stop in Moscow now, people go to eat lunch and have some snacks and drinks to the next part of the journey.

On 12:50 our private train departs from Kazan station. There are 4 sleeping cars, a conference car, restaurant car, shower car and personnel car in our private train. The next longer stop is in Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia.

So it’s 5 days in a row on the train now, and the activities are really starting. We have lots of company and university workshops and activities organized during our journey in Siberia.

- Mikko

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