Aalto on Tracks

Our days on the train are filled with interesting activities. We have gathered to discuss and attended workshops about new product development, recruitment, communications, and internationalization of Aalto University to name just a few. We have also been testing different eReaders along the way and designing new campus solutions for Aalto University.

In the case provided by Outotec, recruitment was discussed. “It is important that not only the active ones get a job, but that the right person is hired into right position”, participants argued. New online recruitment service was suggested where students could update their profile and what would include extensive information about e.g. studies and student’s future plans concerning his/hers career. Companies could take part into the development process of the service. “This could be accomplished as an Aalto project sponsored by several companies”, students said.

Students have completed questionnaires about internationalization at Aalto University and are having small group discussions to discuss their experiences and opinions about internationalization. Language used and language competence at Aalto are two big related issues but not the final answer to internationalization. The concept of internationalization can be defined in many ways, and participants on the train too have different understandings of what it is or should be. There is general agreement that Aalto should be more ‘international’ by any definition. And for most people here on the train it means more foreign students and staff on campus, involved in our everyday activities. More study exchange opportunities are desired and some even want a period of study abroad to be an expected part of all degree programs at Aalto. The discussions are continuing.

- Hanna & Anne

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