Aalto on Tracks

Privjet! The Act On Tracks session was an improvisational theatre lesson. We started last night (Sunday) in the restaurant car. The first games and plays were all about listening to each other, pushing ourselves to let go of norms, and letting our imaginations flow as freely as possible. I directed the session, but really, the participants did all the hard work. After all, it is the actors who make the stories spring to life! The duration of the session was 90 minutes, and we had 8 actors performing. People found the action fun, and requested for more lessons afterwards. Unfortunately, we haven’t got much space in the train, so no extraordinary parkour moves could be integrated into the play. The group was pleasingly small, and we had the most fun with the basics of improv acting. We saw three scenes, multiple games, and loads of funny and great situation comedy. The Improv is powered by the imagination of the human mind, thus, we visited places like the Himalayas, Stockholm City, old folks home, blueberry fields of Siberia, and much more during the session without leaving  the train. The most unforgettable rule was: to say ‘yes’ to everything that others propose.  It is always interesting to see how some situations that never can happen in real life, jump to life when there is no option to opt out or say no.


sincerely yours, Erkka

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