Aalto on Tracks

Our departure from Helsinki is on 14th May 18:23 with a Tolstoy train!

We have now confirmed the participants on Aalto on Tracks! Thanks for the great applications and enthusiastic ideas. It was great to see powerpoint presentations, hand-drawn pictures and even videos as free-form applications! You can have a look at the Participants page.

Lot of stuff have happened during last few week. We have already many groups working on different programs on the train, like TEDx, company case team, publication team, sports team, culture team etc! In addition to the program arranged by the participants, we will also have eReader research case, workshop cases from Espoo city (social media and online services), company workshop cases and lot more.

We have confirmed around 15 company partnerships for the project. We will publish the sponsors this week.

We will stay one night in Beijing as well. We are honoured to have co-operation with the students of the best university in China, Tsinghua University. We will haveĀ  program with BATES (Business Association of Tsinghua Entreprenerial Students), which is a student-run entrepreneur club just like Aaltoes.

In Shanghai we will have many company visits, different kinds of excursions, the opening of Aalto-Tongji Design Factory Shanghai and of course participate to Finland Day in the expo and all the events there. Check out the general Shanghai program from Aalto University web page as well.

PS. our train leaves on 14th at 18:23 from Helsinki. We will have farewell party in Amarillo (Mikonkatu 9) near Helsinki railway station just before the departure, starting from 3 pm. It will be open for everybody, come to wish good journey for us!

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