Aalto on Tracks

Good afternoon fellows!

We have more applicants than we can take on the train! We will process through the applications and inform you 1st of April at the latest. You can still leave an application, but applications sent before DL are preferred.

We have also confirmed the train! There have been a lot of work for our Travel Agency to reserve the train, but it’s now confirmed. We are leaving from Helsinki on 14th May. We go to Moscow with ordinary Tolstoi, but from Moscow to China border (around 6 days), we have a private train – just for us. From China border we go to Beijing, and from Beijing to Shanghai. We arrive in Shanghai 24th May at the latest. I’m sorry for the misinformation told beforehand in the fund raising event about the train.

PS. Please prepare to pay 500-1000 e in a week or two. The train and the accommodation needs to be paid pretty early.

More info will follow!

3 Responses to “We have the people and the train!”

  • Liisa Says:

    Until what date is the accomodation included in the price and does it include entry also to the expo?

  • Mikko Ikola Says:

    Hi Liisa,

    Accommodation is included for a week (7 days).

    We try to make it possible for people to take extra days in the same hotel if they like to stay longer (in their own expense).

    We are working on to get the expo tickets free of charge.

  • Mikko Ikola Says:

    The exact departure time for our Tolstoy train is on 14th May 18:23 in Helsinki Railway station!

    Come around to say goodbye :)