Aalto on Tracks

Thanks for the great Launch Event yesterday, you really made it happen! It was awesome to see people working actively and hear hundreds of amazing ideas!

In addition to students and professors from every school of Aalto University,  we also had a wide range of people from different backgrounds ranging from small business owners to representatives of large corporations. There was also people outside of Aalto, and people from abroad, great!

We would like to hear some feedback about the event. Would you like to hear something more about the journey? What did you like about the Launch Event and what should be repeated? What should be improved? And was there something that was missing in your opinion?

Please let us know and post a comment. We are eager to turn this trip into something even better.

We also need people with ideas and initiatives. As said, this will be a trip where everyone will contribute, and each participant will have a special role to play.

If you would like to be in charge of something, say, directing a movie of the journey or leading a sports team, please contact team@aaltoontracks.com. We will gather the ideas and persons in charge of them and publish a blog post as soon as possible. This way people can find each other with similiar interests. More info will follow!

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