Aalto on Tracks

A magazine type publication will be released about the Aalto on Tracks trip. The publication will contain articles and photographs of the collaborators, making of the trip and being in the train. Now we’re looking for a chief editor for this magazine. It could be you!

The job consists of collecting a team from people going on the trip and working with them. Team members write articles and take photos but the chief editor is, in the end, responsible for the publication being made. This can lead to quite a lot of work after the trip when things are put together. The job may also include few other writing tasks for other magazines upon request. Anyhow, the chief editor has pretty much free hands with the publication.

We require experience in journalism or even more preferably in being a chief editor of some publication. It is uncertain whether we have a professional AD or editor for the magazine, so the chief editor should have some competence for those tasks as well.

So, what does one get from being a chief editor? First of all the awesome experience of being in a train in the middle of an adventure, of course! Because it is not actually a piece of cake, the chief editor also gets the trip to Shanghai for free!

Are you interested? Send an open application to me!

Do you have a question? Ask!

The dead line for the application is 9.4.!


riikka.liedes [a] aaltoontracks.com

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