Aalto on Tracks

7 days, 100 people, 1 train, your ideas!

We have a dream.

We want to gather the 100 brightest minds from Aalto and take them to the Shanghai World Expo on an unforgettable train ride from Helsinki to Shanghai.

What happens on the way? You cannot buy a once-in-a-lifetime trip from a travel agency. You have to design it yourself.

That’s exactly what we are going to do. We will gather in Aalto Design Factory (Betonimiehenkuja 5) to plan the trip on 10th March 18:00. You are invited.

We need talented and inspiring people to create a program for the way. With 100 people, what can we accomplish in a week?

Workshops, trainings, games or culture? What is it that you would like to do?

We will spend this evening planning the trip. We need people that have something to give to the other participants on the train ride. This way we can create an experience from which everyone benefits.

Join us in showing the world what Aalto can do! If you are coming, RSVP on Facebook.

- Mikko S.

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