Aalto on Tracks

Hi everyone! We have received a lot of questions about how to get in, how to join the team, can foreign students participate etc. Here are some answers:

  • Easiest way to¬† join the team is by posting ideas @ aaltoontracks.uservoice.com. Also, remember to vote and comment on other people’s ideas! You can also contact us personally.
  • As one of the main goals of the trip is to unite Aalto people and create Aalto spirit, most of the participants will be Aalto students. However, there are places for special participants like professional speakers / facilitators / partner representatives. Please contact us with this matter, as well :)
  • Anyone can apply, we are looking for people who we believe can contribute to the project and who have great ideas!
  • Registration will open 1st of March 2010.

So, post your ideas at UserVoice and follow the blog, Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

- Oona

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