Aalto on Tracks

Case eReader started 16.5 with a presentation about the motives of the case. What are we trying to find out and how we are going to utilize user driven open innovation when collecting the experiences and new ideas of the users considering eReaders.

The starting presentation was held in the private train’s conference car by Miikka Tölö and Ville Purontaus.

Real users, their new ideas and interesting environment to develop eReader devices were the most important thing in this case. For example media houses in Finland have interests of the new ideas innovated during the train trip.

The basic idea of the case was to find out new ways to use eReader devices and innovate new content in them. This innovation process is done by the people in the train. The people in the train are from different backgrounds and have different kind of lifestyles and interests. These are reasons why we used Living Lab concept in the train to find out the ideas made by the real life users.

The whole train was a ”Living Lab” where every person in the train was possible innovator for the eReaders. People could lent the eReader devices in the train and use them freely. We had an innovation wall where users could add their ideas with post it-papers fast. This made possible others to see what kind of ideas is there and can these ideas be developed even further or can there be a different kind of approach. We also had a question form and interviews about the user experiences. Free discussions played a major role when innovating in a group.

Doing case eReader while traveling through the Russia and Mongolia in a private train gave unbelievable circumstances to find new ways to develop and innovate.

I actually can’t imagine right now better group of people, circumstances and team spirit what we had there in the private train to develop new possibilities to make eReaders something totally new.

We don’t want to tell the new innovations here yet but we’re sure that they’re going to bring eReaders closer to everyone and making the eReader experience better in the future!


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