Aalto on Tracks

17.5.2010 Somewhere in between Barabinsk and Novosibirsk

Yesterday we started with the Espoo case study. Approximately 30 people were developing ideas about the service concepts and the online services of the city of Espoo as well as discussing how to improve the city’s employer image in the eyes of students and young professionals. Several ideas popped up during the case workshop. How about if Espoo had an online service for group commuting? “Kimppakyyti” could ease traffic jams as well as make the city greener.

Another idea was that Espoo would announce a competition where anyone could suggest their dream job in the city’s employment. The winner would of course win this unique and personalized job opportunity!

These were just a few of the thoughts from the first workshop and tomorrow we will meet up again and continue the fruitful discussions.

- Ylva

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